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    Need To Lose
    Weight Fast?

    "Finally, The
    Truth About Rapid Weight Loss

    Read on to Discover The Latest Research And Scientific Breakthroughs Which Change The Face Of
    Dieting Forever. I’ll Expose The Lies That You’re Being Told And Provide You With A
    Simple And Effective

    ...A 4 Week Diet Which Could Be The
    Easiest Way To Lose 10-20-30+ Pounds Of Body Fat In Just 4 Weeks That You’ve Ever

    And it’s guaranteed to work or you’ll get all your money back... How many other diets will
    give you that kind of a promise?

    In fact how many other diet companies want
    you to succeed?

    It’s true most of them rely on your ongoing
    payments to make the FAT profits they do each year. And this is one of the biggest reasons why up
    until now you’ve probably never succeeded...

    you thought it was your fault that you were overweight, but it isn’t!

    aren’t telling you the truth, you’re being lied to...

    don’t worry, I have all the answers for you right here. Once you’ve read all of this short
    report today, you’ll finally understand where you’ve been going wrong all this time, but more
    importantly you’ll learn how to put it RIGHT...

    you can finally start feeling good about yourself, I mean feel really proud of
    the way you look so you actually enjoy shopping or getting dressed up to go out and meeting
    people without feeling embarassed or self conscious about the way you

    really works! The theories behind the 4 week diet really make
    sense and Jago has translated these in to an easy to use

    I love the recipe suggestions and even your
    shopping lists are already done for you so there's no excuse not to
    get organised which Jago explains is the key.

    The simple exercises are well demonstrated, they
    can be done easily at home to fit around your

    I've used the 4 week diet a number of times for
    special events and holidays and it's worked everytime to get me
    looking and feeling my very best."

    this report I’m going to tell you all about the 5 biggest weight loss myths that have been stopping
    you from getting the body of your dreams...

    Weight Loss Myth #1 - Why you’ve been lied to
    and tricked in to eating the wrong types of foods.

    Weight Loss Myth #2 - How the way you’ve been
    taught to eat has actually programmed you to store
    fat, not burn it.

    Weight Loss Myth #3 - Why eating less doesn’t
    always mean you’ll end up weighing less.

    Weight Loss Myth #4 - How doing exercises for
    your tummy won’t help you to get six pack abs or even a flatter waistline.

    Weight Loss Myth #5 - One of the biggest
    exercise myths around, that’s certain to leave you frustrated at your lack of

    Once you know these FACTS and a bunch of other
    NEW techniques I’ll tell you about, you’ll have the power to burn fat at will.

    Just imagine being able to get in to tip top shape in just 4 weeks
    time. Being able to look your best for…

    you ever stand in front of a mirror when you're getting dressed or sometimes catch your reflection
    in a window and think to yourself 'oh no, I look awful'

    you do or you just have a mild dislike for the way you look, don't worry, YOU ARE NOT

    fact it amazes me how many people really hate the way their body looks.

    just imagine for a moment if that was different. Imagine looking in the mirror and actually
    liking what you see. Imagine smiling to yourself when you turn to the side
    and you look just as good as you did from the front.

    Don't you think that would be an
    amazing feeling... wouldn't you like that to be you?

    course you would, who wouldn't!

    What about shopping, how great would it be to
    buy the clothes you liked. Fitted, shapely clothes that look good on you, instead of buying
    something to hide your worst bits or anything to 'do the job.'

    However you feel at the moment, YOU DO HAVE
    THE POWER to change the way you look and feel, but you're probably going to have to make some

    don't worry, I’m going to explain it all to you here in plain, easy to understand English so you
    finally understand the facts as they stand today. Then you'll be able to plan a way forwards and
    start taking control of your body again.

    "I am 58 years old and
    over the years have tried various diets. Whilst having a
    modicum of success in the short term, weight has always

    I then
    discovered Jago Holmes
    who has led me down the path of successful weight loss.
    Unlike a rigid diet, Jago's plans have taught me that diet is
    not enough alone and should be balanced with

    I have followed
    the diet plan in conjunction with the exercises suggested by
    Jago to not only lose weight but, to maintain that

    Following Jago's
    theory has not only helped me achieve the weight loss, but
    has encouraged me to think about my day to day lifestyle
    using stairs instead of lifts, walk to the shop for a
    newspaper rather than taking the car. I haven't followed the
    diet religiously either, but have snack a jacks for elevenses
    instead of chocolate biscuits.

    I certainly feel
    better in myself and have reaped the benefits of following
    Jago's simple diet suggestions and easy to follow exercise


    Unfortunately, we don’t get much of our
    information from reliable, impartial sources.

    too often, the way we approach dieting and losing weight is through advice and information that
    we’ve been told works by companies that are actually selling diet products to us.

    Many of the myths around today were
    created by these companies.

    once and for all, I’d like to tell you the truth about why you haven’t managed to find a workable
    solution to rapid weight loss and to do this, I’m going to explain the facts about 5 of the biggest
    weight loss myths there are out there...

    Weight Loss Myth #1 - Diet Foods Help You
    Lose Weight

    one is a real killer. Again it’s a triumph of marketing and hype over truth. Let me
    give you a couple of examples.

    Just because a chocolate dessert or a packet
    of biscuits is classed as low fat, it doesn’t mean it’s actually any good for you.
    Yes it probably is lower in fat than its regular alternative, but it’s also full of other
    ingredients that are actually much worse than the fat that was in it.

    Makers of these products, emphasise the lack
    of fat in their products but hide the fact that to make them taste better, they’ve had to replace the fat with sugars. They’ll do it
    cleverly, by breaking the sugars down in to various forms… sucrose, fructose, glucose syrup.
    Glycerine etc, the list goes on.

    the problem with sugar is that every time you eat something that has sugars in it, the body
    has to produce a hormone called Insulin. Insulin’s job is to remove the sugar from the blood and
    take it to the cells. Unfortunately when insulin is produced, it doesn’t always remove the exact
    right amount of sugar from the blood.

    creates a low in blood sugar levels, which then sends a signal to your brain to eat
    more in order to normalise blood sugar levels again.

    Another problem is that we've been
    conditioned to believe that ‘diet’ foods actually help us to lose weight. You’ll have seen
    it yourself when someone orders a big Mac and fries, but insists on getting a diet Cola to go with

    Most diet foods are created by huge
    multi-million dollar companies that want your money. They play around with and process your
    foods adding all kinds of rubbish just to make it appealing for you to buy, because you think it’s
    going to help you to lose weight.

    Processed foods will never help you to lose
    weight, there's too much junk inside for your body to cope with, so stay away from them as much
    as possible.

    Weight Loss Myth #2 - Eat Just 3 Square
    Meals a Day

    This time it’s probably your parents fault and their parents before them… You
    see there are a few reasons why eating at certain times throughout the day just isn’t

    Firstly you aren’t necessarily hungry at the
    times that you have to eat. This means that you may be eating for the sake of it and getting
    more calories than you need each day.

    Secondly if you can only eat at certain times
    throughout the day, because of your work pattern for example, then you may go for hours without
    being able to eat anything and this slows down your metabolic rate and encourages your body to
    store fat.

    of the biggest problems with eating in the traditional way is that your metabolic rate
    slows right down. You’ll burn calories at a snails pace because there are too long gaps
    between meals.

    Eating smaller amounts regularly
    throughout the day does two things...

    1.  It keeps the metabolism revving away

    2.  It stops the body from storing as
    many of the calories you are eating. Over a period of time, your body gets used to the regular
    supply of calories and realises that it doesn’t need to store as many of them as there isn’t
    likely to be times when it won’t get food.

    Finally, it’s likely that you’re overeating if you depend on
    eating 3 set meals a day as the gaps between them will lead to hunger pangs and cravings.
    When you start getting these messages from the brain, you'll usually eat more than you need to

    Weight Loss Myth #3 - Reducing the
    Calories You Eat Makes You Lose Weight and the Fewer Calories You Eat Then the More Weight
    You’ll Lose

    Sounds logical doesn’t it, and up to a point
    this is actually true BUT if this was completely right then surely the more you reduced the
    calories you were eating, then the faster you’d lose weight.

    But this just doesn’t happen,
    you’ll know it yourself if you’ve ever tried restricting the amount of food you eat so low. The
    weight comes off pretty fast to begin with but after a few days, you can’t seem to lose any more,
    you quickly reach a plateau.

    Here’s the real kicker, doing this means
    you’re actually making things worse for yourself and compounding the problem.

    reason is that your body gets thrown in to what it perceives as starvation and goes in to survival
    mode. When you’re in survival mode, your body just won’t
    release fat to burn. It can’t, in fact it does the complete opposite and actually holds on to it,
    by producing a hormone called Leptin.

    that’s not all, some of the other downsides you’ll notice are...

    A slowdown in your metabolic
    rate. This is the speed at which you burn calories. You see when food intake is
    strictly limited, your body will always try to protect itself by holding on to its energy
    stores... your body fat!

    Increased cravings. Your body
    knows it needs calories to survive and as a response your fat cells produce a hormone
    called Leptin which increases your cravings for guess what? You’ve guessed it...
    calories. Usually in the form of high sugar or high fat foods, because it’s these types of
    foods that will give you the biggest surge in quick fix calories.

    An increase in the amount of fat you
    store. If your body isn’t sure when it’s next going to be fed don’t you think it’s
    natural to store as many calories as possible to keep your body working normally.

    Think of yourself like a camel, it’s hump is
    almost totally pure fat to help it survive the lean times, it’s there to provide a reserve source
    of energy... well our bodies can be a bit like this too if we cut down on calories too much
    for too long, only your hump won't be at the back!

    Weight Loss Myth #4 - Think
    You’ll Get a
    Flat Stomach
    By Doing
    Sit Ups,
    Crunches or Some
    Other SECRET Exercise
    That No
    Ones Been
    Telling You

    again, it just doesn’t work that way.

    Crunches, sit ups and other tummy toning
    exercises are great to do, but the benefits they give you have nothing to do with getting a
    chiselled torso. So why does everyone think that they do?

    Simple, you’ve been lied to again.
    Infomercials and the media, manipulate our understanding of exactly what certain exercises can
    really do for you.

    me explain it this way...

    Imagine that you have a fine porcelain vase,
    but it’s been covered in bubble wrap and brown paper. Covered this way means that you’ll never see
    the real beauty of the vase because it’s been hidden underneath a thick ugly layer of

    That’s how it is with your own tummy

    You’ll never see them or flatten your
    tummy by doing these types of exercises alone. In fact done to extreme, they may
    actually lead to an increase in the size of your tummy, because the muscles can slightly increase
    in size, pushing the fat underneath out still further.

    not saying don’t do exercises for your stomach and lower back, because they help to improve posture
    and overall strength, just don’t expect to have a really
    flat stomach after religiously doing them for weeks... you’ll only be

    Weight Loss Myth #5 - Hours of Cardio
    Burns the Most

    This makes me really laugh, especially when I
    see ‘supposed experts’ advising you to exercise at a particular heart beat level called the
    weight loss zone.

    theory here is that at a certain level of effort, your body will burn more fat than
    carbohydrates as it’s main fuel source, but it’s only a slight difference and to get the same
    benefit you’d need to keep going for much longer.

    Do you know how many calories you’d
    have to burn to lose just 1 pound of fat? Wait for it...


    that’s right, you’d need to burn off 3500 calories in order to lose just 1 pound of fat.

    so how many calories can you expect to burn throughout the course of a typical gym workout for one
    hour, if you really push yourself?

    Well it would depend on what exercises you
    were doing and how hard you worked, but for a typical average cardio workout, you could expect to
    burn around 600 calories in an hour.

    I’m not a mathematician, but that means that to burn off 1 pound of body fat, you’d need to do at least 5 or 6 good hour long cardio workouts a
    week. Yeah right!... Who has that amount of time and level of commitment to do this each

    me, and I actually enjoy working out.

    secret isn't in doing endless workouts, wearing yourself out and grinding yourself down, its about
    gently increasing the amount of activity in your life.

    so these are all the things that you shouldn’t do, now let me tell you honestly about the
    things you do need to do in order to lose weight fast AND keep it off.

    I’ll also tell you all about a proven system
    that you can get hold of in less than a minute from now, so you can get started straight away
    the right way to lose weight fast AND keep it

    But Before I Go Any Further, Who am I and Why Should
    You Listen to Me?

    Please let me quickly introduce

    My Name is Jago Holmes CPT and I’m a personal trainer
    working in the UK, with over 10 years experience working with people just like you.

    not a celebrity trainer who touts the latest off the wall diet to shed a few pounds, you know the
    types of diets I mean...

    ...'The Cabbage soup

    ...'The grapefruit diet,'

    ...'The Maple Syrup diet,

    This weird and wacky detox or that, the list goes on…

    I’ve been successful working with everyday people who have REAL lives, real
    budgets and don’t have the luxury of having their meals prepared for them, they have to go shopping
    to buy their own food like you and me.

    over the 10 years I’ve been doing this job, I’ve personally helped hundreds, if not thousands of
    clients to lose weight fast.

    Here's a Brief Selection of Some of My
    Clients and Their Success Stories

    understand the problems that everyday men and women face... but more importantly from your point of
    view, I know how to fix these problems.

    But before I go in to that I want to
    explain to you some quite startling facts about why you’ve probably never managed to lose weight
    before and keep it off.

    then I’ll show you how by putting all the right pieces together at the same time, you can lose
    incredible amounts of weight in a remarkably short amount of time.

    The Truth is For Any Diet Or Weight Loss Plan to Be
    Effective For Both Quick AND Long Term Weight Loss, it MUST Contain
    These 4 Vital Elements:

    with a diet that contains all of these elements, I guess you would really describe it as more of a
    weight loss system, but I prefer to use the word ‘diet’.

    a nutshell, this is what any good diet system should contain. Each one of these elements is
    powerful in their own right, but put them together at the same time and you’ve created
    rocket fuelled weight loss.

    This is Why ‘Traditional Dieting’ is

    Sure a good one will give you some weight
    loss over a few months if you can stick it out that long, but if you want a system where the fat
    just seems to literally melt away, day after day then this is the solution for

    until now, nobody has bothered to put everything together in one place. All this information is out
    there and once you sift through the misinformed ramblings and outright lies, you could probably get
    lucky and find a workable solution for you.

    But do you really want to keep trying
    and testing every new diet there is, desperately searching for the right solution for

    Wouldn’t you rather just follow a ‘proven’ weight loss system
    that’s been designed by someone who works day in and day out with clients that want to lose

    until now, getting it right has been very hard and confusing to follow, which means most people
    only get average or poor results.

    But Now I’ve Done It... I’ve Put Together a
    Complete 4 Week Diet and Weight Loss System For You...

    I wanted to use all
    of the research, testing and trial and error, I’ve done with my own one to one clients over the
    last 10 years to put together a complete package which includes everything you need to get dramatic
    weight loss in just 4 weeks.

    I’ve tested every part of this diet plan on my
    own clients, many times. They’ve been the Guinea pigs that have tested and improved this system
    that you can now have access to today, immediately in fact, if you want it.

    the dieting tips, tricks and techniques I’ve tested, tweaked and perfected are all here in one
    place in the ‘4 Week diet’


    There's even some suggestions about exercises you
    can do while you're sat at work to tone your

    you have a busy life and need some advice on how to fit exercise
    into your diary, this is the guide for you.
     The diet plan is a great plan to
    help you get a healthy diet and keep it. The menus are easy to
    follow and you don't have to be a great cook to make
    them. It also contains a whole lot of knowledge about
    food to help you pinpoint where the empty calories
    are and avoid them. 

    really good guide if you want to take control of your diet. If
    you take this plan on board it'll last a lot longer than 4

    So Please
    Let Me Tell You All About My New 4 Week Diet...

    fully cover everything that you need to know to be able to lose weight at the fastest possible rate
    in just 4 weeks from now, for a party, special event, wedding or any celebration I have written it
    all in to 3 easy to follow, clearly written manuals...

    Firstly there’s the Theory manual. This is vital to the whole
    diet. In it you’ll discover exactly how my system works. I explain the theory
    behind my weight loss tricks, so you know exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve and
    exactly how to do it.

    Inside you’ll discover...

    A range of preparations you need to make before you start any
    diet, that virtually guarantee your success and without doing these things, you’re
    almost sabotaging your chances of having the body of your dreams (page 11)

    How to set specific goals geared towards YOU that motivate
    and inspire you to succeed (page 12)

    Why doing this one thing every day takes you from ‘dreamer’ to
    ‘doer’. At last you’ll have the drive to go on to take
    real control of your weight. (page 16)

    3 Things that you can do, which done together really
    fire up your body’s ability to burn fat fast. (pages 20 - 24)

    A range of little known mind programming techniques that you
    can use to conquer cravings and comfort eating once and for all. Once you master these
    techniques, you’ll never be at the mercy of your emotions again! (page 26)

    The ideal foods to eat and the ones you need to stay away

    A great, tasty and quick range of snacks that you can eat all
    day long that will help you to burn calories, not store them (page 54)

    How to read the lies manufacturers ‘legally’ print on their
    labelling so you understand which foods to avoid at all costs. (page 55)

    Some really great tips to help you when you eat out so that
    you'll still have a good time without suffering the consequences of extra weight gain.(page

    Everything you need to know about supplements. The truth
    about which ones do have an effect on your weight loss whilst others are simply a waste of
    your money. (page 58)

    There's ‘The Diet’, Which Covers All the Meals and Foods You’ll Eat Over the Next 4 weeks.

    This manual contains simple menus,
    shopping lists and quick snack choices in a day by day format, to ensure that you're feeding
    your body the right types and amounts of foods essential for losing
    weight fast.

    An easier way to eat a healthy diet by choosing foods
    that fill you up for longer, without the addition of extra calories that also saves
    you time and money!   

    How much you should be eating and when to eat it and also
    the crucial timing of changing the way you eat to boost energy levels and fat

    A simple but time tested way of eating which
    guarantees you eat a constant and regular supply of nutrients which stops you craving
    food at the same time as making you feel fuller.

    Some great tricks to make eating healthily whilst following
    the ‘4 Week Diet’ child's play that are quick and simple to do even on your busiest

    A range of quick and healthy food alternatives to your
    favourites, that give you loads of energy and make you feel fuller for

    The #1 biggest mistake nearly everyone
    makes by NOT getting enough of this important
    nutrient and why doing this simple thing each day will improve the quality of your hair, your
    skin and energy levels 100%! 

    A step by step eating system that includes shopping lists and daily
    menus, leaving you to eat on auto pilot, no need to
    worry about what you are going to eat, it has all been planned out for you in fact, it
    couldn't be easier!

    Last But Not Least, You’ll Also Get ‘The Exercises.’

    This Manual
    Contains the Final Key to Rapid
    Weight Loss. The
    Missing Link
    in Almost Every
    Diet You’ve
    Ever Tried.

    this is no ordinary exercise plan. This is one of the easiest activity plans you’ve ever seen. You
    don’t need to get your Lycra shorts on and join a gym, you don’t have to spend every
    spare minute exercising and you don’t have to kill yourself by doing a workout that leaves
    you aching for days.

    This activity and exercise plan is different,
    inside you’ll discover...

    A simple but effective way to exercise at home, which takes
    just a few minutes to do, but that boosts fat loss and leaves you feeling energised all day
    long (page 9)

    An easy and enjoyable way to become more
    active that you can do anytime (page 22)

    Some great tips you can use everyday to help you catapult your weight loss to new highs that are easy to do
    and fit nicely in to your everyday life (page 20)

    A simple but extremely effective walking plan that’ll have you
    losing weight and loving the feelings of accomplishment you get after each session (page

    An easy to follow workout you can do at home, that includes
    clear photos and descriptions so you know exactly what to do to tone those ‘hard to
    reach’ places! (pages 27 – 32)

    A quick way to tighten and firm your tummy muscles which you
    can do at home for FREE and in less than 5 minutes a day. (page 33 - 46)

    How to fit exercise in to a busy day. So easy to do, you’ll
    never again struggle to find the time to exercise. You’ll definitely have time to do
    this. (page 51)

    OK Jago, So Why a Diet That Lasts Just 4

    Well, that’s a very good question. Remember
    the last diet you tried, How far did you get?

    A few days, a week, 10 days, 2

    One of the biggest reasons people
    don’t stick at diets is that there’s no completion date.

    Psychologically it’s very difficult to keep
    doing something that you wouldn’t normally do for an indefinite period. If you know you've only got
    to do something for a short amount of time, it’s much easier to stick to AND you’ll try

    Another reason is that I wanted to use a time
    frame that didn’t just give barely noticeable results, I
    wanted the ‘wow’ factor and in 4 weeks, you really can achieve outstanding results...
    believe me, I’ve seen it so many times.

    the real beauty of my NEW improved 4 week diet is...

    It’s really easy to do and very

    If You Follow My NEW 4 Week Diet

    Lose weight fast, so you and anyone who knows you
    will start seeing your body shape change before your eyes

    Feel more confident about the way you look so you feel
    comfortable and relaxed around other people

    Have tons more energy and get up and go, nothing will
    feel like an effort, you'll have the energy levels of a 5 year old.

    Discover a system that you can use anytime to drop weight at

    See improvements in the condition of your hair and

    Have more zest for life, approach life with a positive
    attitude so you attract more of the good things in life.

    Be able to buy the clothes you like, not just the ones
    that hide your worst bits. Shopping will no longer be a chore, you’ll love trying on new

    all have a perceived idea about dieting...

    It’s got to be hard, a challenge. It’s like
    you have to deprive yourself, almost like punishing yourself for gaining weight.

    it’s not hard, most people don’t consider it to be a diet, but the truth is that dieting doesn’t
    have to be like this.

    Because There's a Way to Lose Weight Fast
    Without Starving Yourself or Taking
    Tablets or Potions That Are Harmful to Your Health...

    ...and it all Hinges Around Taking Control of Your

    When you really think about it, it’s
    your mind that controls everything you do.

    Once you manage to control your subconscious
    mind, you hold the key to not only losing weight fast, but also losing weight and controlling it

    ‘The 4 Week Diet’ helps you to do just this. With the mind tricks and reprogramming techniques
    you’ll learn inside, you’ll finally be able to win the war of the mind.

    Cravings and comfort eating will be a thing of
    the past.

    With the information you’ll learn, you’ll find
    that you crave foods that actually improve your health and help you to lose weight even when
    you’re feeling a bit down or tired.

    the best thing is that by eating the right types of foods, you won’t have these kinds of mood
    swings or feelings of tiredness all the time.

    You’ll find that you have so much
    energy, that you’ll wonder how you ever got through each day when you weren’t following
    ‘The 4 Week Diet’. Everything will be so much easier.

    Here are some more things you’ll discover when
    you use my 4 Week Diet and weight loss plan...

    Exactly how much food you need to eat each day WITHOUT
    counting calories.

    Which carbs are your friends and which ones will sabotage your
    best weight loss efforts.

    How to turn your body in to a fat burning machine that burns
    off your unwanted fat all day long without you having
    to be constantly on the go.

    How to use some tricks of the mind to create the perfect
    weight loss mentality, so you won’t cave in to temptation at the first sign of a

    Okay Jago, This Sounds Like
    Something That I Can Benefit From, But How Much Does the 4 Week
    Diet Cost?

    Losing weight is
    always going to cost you something...

    Or you could start a fitness
    regime yourself at home and buy yourself a treadmill or cross trainer.

    If you think of it this
    way, you’re actually getting hundreds of dollars worth of top quality expertise and training at
    your disposal inside this new program, which you get to keep forever...

    You can use the techniques time
    and time again.

    That's just a little over a
    measly dollar a day!

    And how many gyms have you
    been to that give you a 60 day money back guarantee?

    (That's right, I'll tell you
    about this in a moment.)

    You'll have everything you
    need and what’s more you’ll be able to start immediately. Within a few minutes from now
    if you like...

    The best part is
    my NEW system is fully and unconditionally

    100% RISK-FREE Money Back

    If you aren't 100%
    satisfied that ‘The 4 Week Diet' provides you with
    absolutely everything you need to know and all the tools you need to
    lose weight quickly over the next 4 weeks, then you can simply request
    a full and complete refund in the next 60 days.

    I am pleased to be able
    to offer you a no questions asked, 60 day money back

    NO QUESTIONS ASKED… no gimmicky
    rules or requirements. 

    You don’t even need to write an explanation as to why you don't want to
    keep the program or produce evidence that you’ve tried the system out, NOTHING!

    All you need to do now so you
    can try out my system completely risk free is place your order now by clicking
    on the 'Order Now!' button below. Follow the simple instructions on screen to download the
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    You'll learn the secrets to
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    Inside you'll discover exactly
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    Running is a great way to lose weight and
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    Whilst this is a diet and a very big
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