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Store Page: Little Nightmares ($19.99 / +1 +Cards +Achievements)

How to:

  1. Click "Add To Cart > Checkout > Continue"

  2. Fill in all the "Information", tick the small box and click "Place Order"

  3. You will receive an e-mail and then click on the red button "My Products"

  4. Click "Unlock The Key" to display the Steam Key.

  5. Keys are in "Your Orders" page, access by clicking on "Delivery: Download"

* Note: EU Only (Possible to activate key outside EU if you get it by VPN/friend)

** Note: It is possible to get two keys if you put "Quantity" at 2 or do the purchase two times, but it is not known if its safe/allowed.

*** Note: Servers are overloaded which causes a lot of errors on Bandai page. Hope they fix it soon, until then if you have an extra key, share it with those looking for it.


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