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Easy Basket Cake Fried Bread Recipe, Ordinary Chinese Food

Easy Basket Cake Fried Bread Recipe, Ordinary Chinese Food


Compass.com - Basket cake is a common Chinese food that is believed to bring good luck. You can fill the basket cake with fried bread.

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How to make a basket cake fried bread is quite simple, like making Sandwich. Therefore, it is also suitable for beginner chefs.

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  • Put the basket cake in the fridge first so that it is a little harder and easier to cut

  • 4 pieces of white bread without skin

  • Dough to taste

  • To taste the bread dough

  • Salt to taste

  • Enough water

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How to make a fried bread cake basket

1. Mix the flour with water until the texture is smooth. Add a little salt. Stir well. Sit on one side.

2. Basket cake dice. Cut the white bread into four pieces.

3. Put the sliced ​​basket cake in the bread. Cover again with bread, such as baking Sandwich.

the. Squeeze all sides of the bread to cover the cake in the basket.

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5. Put the bread in the wet flour mixture. Roll on bread crumbs.

6. Heat the oil. Fry the basket cake until golden brown. Remove and drain. Arrange the fried breadcrumbs cake on a serving plate.

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