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How to fill sal sal fish to make Yu Sheng more attractive

How to fill sal sal fish to make Yu Sheng more attractive


Compass.com - Yu Sheng A typical Chinese New Year's salad is usually served with fresh fish pieces.

Fresh fish is added not only to enhance the appearance of this typical Singaporean dish.

However, salmon can also add nutrients and important nutrients to these dishes.

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Before making Yu Sheng, Better if you know how to fill fresh fish. Reporting from Nyonya CookingOne of the most commonly used fish is salmon.

Here's how to put one together for use with salmon Instructions.

Prepare the necessary equipment

Prepare the necessary utensils in advance, such as kitchen knives and cutting boards.

Note that the kitchen knife you are going to use is sharp and the cutting board is well washed.

Slice the bottom of the salmon

Cutting the bottom of the salmon can make it easier for you to split the fish.

Using a sharp knife from the tail of the salmon to the head of the fish, identify and slice this part.

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Puncture the cut

Insert the knife into the wing that has already been cut, point the sharp knife section at the salmon's head and cut upwards.


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