Claude's Emotional Speech Thanking AFTV Founder Robbie Lyle Has Resurfaced #Claudes #Emotional #Speech #Thanking #AFTV #Founder #Robbie #Lyle #Resurfaced


    Claude Callegari's incredibly passionate speech thanking AFTV founder Robbie Lyle has resurfaced following his sad passing.

    Whether Arsenal had won, lost or drawn, Claude's reactions on YouTube always made for top-tier viewing.

    And his speech at the AFTV fifth year anniversary event in 2018 shows just how much the channel meant to the staunch Gooner.

    "In 2012 this guy gave me a chance to speak, no-one else would," Claude said on stage, thanking Robbie for all he did for giving him a platform but also going above and beyond to help him.

    "All the snobby podcasters wouldn't have me on but this guy gave me a chance to speak and I'm very grateful to you.

    "You deserve every success that you've made of it. You helped me when I was down and was really on my low, you came and saved me. I really appreciate that.

    "You are not only my mate, you are like a brother to me mate and I love you."

    Former AFTV Personality Claude Callegari Has Passed Away
    published at19 hours ago

    Reacting to the tragic news, AFTV issued a statement and aside from a Claude tribute video, will not be uploading any content in the coming days.

    "We are absolutely devastated today to learn of the death of Claude Callegari, one of the channel's most popular contributors.

    "Claude was a much loved figure during his time on the channel and through his passion for Arsenal was able to connect with fans from around the globe on a meaningful level.

    "We had continued to privately support Claude during his time away from the channel during the pandemic and the news of his passing comes as a deep shock to everyone at AFTV and in the wider Arsenal community.

    "We will not be publishing any content on our platform over the next few days whilst we come to terms with the news of his passing."

    Our thoughts go out to Claude's family at this tough time.

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